SPSS for Early Academic Researchers

Workshop Reference: CILN-SPSS

About the workshop

Nowadays SPSS is considered as a general method of data analysis that brings together path analysis and factor analysis. In fact, SPSS software is most commonly used by many academics worldwide.

The workshop will help early career academics with all the required tools and techniques of how to use SPSS analysis. More specifically, the workshop aims to provide a thorough introduction to SPSS, and will also deal with some important, related issues. These include mediation analysis, moderation, and methods for handling missing data. Moreover, the emphasis will be on analysing continuous variables with approximately normal distributions, but we will also cover how to handle non- normal data. Finally, most of the analyses will be carried out with SPSS software package.

Workshop Objectives

The goal of the workshop is to increase knowledge and requisite skills of participants on the use of SPSS and to enable them to make the most of this powerful software package while allowing them to work independently with SPSS on their own data and provide a solid foundation for advanced data analysis work.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To introduce participants to the basic practice of statistics by using SPSS Statistics, a statistical software program used for data management and data analysis and learn how to perform basic statistical analyses.
  2. To introduce participants to the use of advanced SPSS for analysing project data for reporting purposes focusing on database management tasks, descriptive statistics and graphics, and basic inferential statistics for comparisons and correlations.

Benefits of attending this workshop

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • To be able to perform a wide range of data management tasks in SPSS application  understand the basic workings of SPSS and perform basic statistical analyses.
  • To perform database management tasks, descriptive statistics and graphics, and basic inferential statistics for comparisons and correlations.
  • To perform data checking and create simple tables and charts.
  • To perform advanced analysis in SPSS


Why should you attend?

Interested organizations/institutions/individuals are expected to have laptop(s) while attending the workshop, and individuals attending should be from any discipline. Please feel free to bring your own datasets for practice while performing the tasks demonstrated by the trainer. If you have SPSS already installed on your machine the better. However, it is not a must because you will be provided with a temporary version for the training.


Content of the workshop:

  • Introduction to SPSS and Data Entry
  • Understanding Data and Creating Data Set
  • Factor analysis
  • Reliability Analysis
  • Manage the data
  • Descriptive statistics and charts
  • Statistical inference
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Linear regression and correlation analysis
  • Categorical data analysis
  • Analysis of variance work etc.


Workshop duration

This is 1-day training program, 8 hours (equivalent to 10 credit)




Workshop only: £100 each person which covers training, materials, and attendance certificate, lunch for the day and networking event.