Medgar Evers College, City University of New York

Medgar Evers College, City University of New York 
School of Business 
1650 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225 
Telephone: 718-270-5110

About Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York Medgar Evers College is a senior college of The City University of New York, offering baccalaureate and associate degrees.  It was officially established in 1970 through cooperation between educators and community leaders in central Brooklyn. It is named after Medgar Wiley Evers, an African American civil rights leader.  The College is proud of the strong academic programs offered through its four Schools:  the School of Business, the School of Professional and Community Development, the School of Liberal Arts and Education, and the School of Science, Health, and Technology.

Under the current leadership of Dr. Rudolph F. Crew, President the college believes that education has the power to positively transform the lives of individuals and is the right of all individuals in the pursuit of self-actualization. Consequently, the College's mission is to develop and maintain high quality, professional, career-oriented undergraduate degree programs. Their rigorous curriculum, new degree programs and ever expanding, award-winning faculty produces global citizens who are equipped for high quality jobs.  The college’s diverse student body is presented with opportunities and new worlds through the Center for Black Literature, the Caribbean Research Center, the Center for Law and Social Justice and The DuBois Bunche Center for Social Polic

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