PRESS RELEASE – 1st November 2018

Bangladesh to play host to international conference on Globalization, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Economies

It is a measure of the current dynamism in Bangladesh that in 2019 the country has been chosen as the location for the prestigious 4th International Conference on Globalization, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Economies (ICGEEE). 

This academic conference is being jointly organised by the Centre of Innovative Leadership Navigation (CILN), UK and Daffodil International University (DIU), Bangladesh and will take place at DUI from the 8th-10th December 2019. 

Theme of the conference
Globalisation, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Economies
1.    Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management
2.    Globalisation and Emerging Economies

This conference seeks to shine a light on a wealth of issues that are fundamental to economic development and progress and effectiveness in societies across the globe. Contributions should therefore be of interest to scholars, practitioners, researchers and thought leaders in both developed and developing countries targeting a worldwide readership. Leaders in the political arena, in commerce, academia and in almost every field of human activity have much to gain from exploring these important themes. The ten conference tracks are as follows: 
Track 1: Entrepreneurship in Emerging & Developing Economies
Track-2: The Financial Sector in Emerging Economies
Track 3: The Growth and Economic Development in Emerging Economies:
Track 4: The Globalisation and International Trade in Emerging economies 
Track 5: Logistics & Supply Chain Management:
Track 6: Branding & Marketing in Emerging Economies: 
Track 7: HRM issues in Emerging economies
Track 8: Education and teaching for the Life Long Learning Sector
Track-9: E-Business, Cloud Computing & Cyber Security
Track-10: Tourism & Hospitality Management

Professor Sabur Khan, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Daffodil International University welcomed this joint initiative: “We are delighted to be hosting such a prestigious international conference. This is a golden opportunity for local and international delegates to meet in congenial surroundings and explore issues that touch all our lives.”

Dr P. R. Datta, the driving force behind the London-based Centre for Innovative Leadership Navigation feels equally optimistic about the prospects for the conference;
“We are delighted to be partnering with such a forward-thinking institution as DIU. This conference will surprise many people and be an excellent opportunity to showcase some of the innovative thinking and developments taking place both in Bangladesh and further afield.”.

The conference will feature a stimulating blend of paper presentations, keynote addresses and workshops and is open to those who wish to present academic papers, as well as those who wish to attend in an observer capacity. 

For further details about 4th International Conference on Globalization, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Economies (ICGEEE), Dhaka, Bangladesh and how to register for it please visit: 

This Press Release is jointly issued by CILN and DIU.

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