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International Journal of Maritime Crime and Security (IJMCS)

The International Journal of Maritime Crime and Security (IJMCS) will be the first high-quality multi/interdisciplinary journal devoted to the newly identified field and academic discipline of maritime security and to the study of maritime crime. The latter has been neglected, as the scientific study of crime has remained essentially landlocked. 

The Journal will cover the following, broadly constructed and interpreted, disciplines as they relate to maritime security: economics, environmental studies, global governance studies, anthropological and cultural studies, human factors and psychology, security, criminology and crime science, cyber security, international and national law (Maritime Law, Law of the Sea and National Jurisdictions), political and policy perspectives, strategic security and war studies, naval and maritime history as they relate to current issues, maritime crime, including cyber-crime, fraud, piracy and armed robbery at sea, Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) Fishing, smuggling, people trafficking, illegal immigration, stowaways and pollution, disaster management and resilience at sea and in littoral areas. ‘Maritime Security’ includes port facility, offshore platform and undersea resource extraction security – not just ships.

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