9th International Trade & Academic Research Conference (ITARC), 2018


  1. Faculty members or leaders who wish to develop or enhance programmes of study into business and management,
  2. Academics and policy makers seeking to gain a broader insight into the issue of international trade,
  3. Academics wishing to elucidate their own academic papers and benefit from subsequent discussions into issued raised,
  4. Faculty members who wish to forge fresh contacts in their field of study,
  5. Business and Management Schools,
  6. Managing Directors,
  7. Executive Directors,
  8. Chairpersons,
  9. Directors of Finance,
  10. Senior/Managing Partners,
  11. HR Directors,
  12. Marketing Heads,
  13. Company Secretaries,
  14. Officials of donor agencies
  15. Non-Governmental Organisations Representatives
  16. Education and training professionals,
  17. Health Professionals including Doctors, Nurses and Experts in Health & Social Care Industry,
  18. Scientists, Engineers, IT Professionals & Environmentalists both from corporate and academic fields,
  19. Legislators and various law professionals.